Tricks To Win Dragon Tiger With Multiples Formulas

Tricks To Win Dragon Tiger With Multiples Formulas

Tricks To Win Dragon Tiger With Multiples Formulas

Dragon tiger is a card game that uses playing cards. In China, the dragon tiger is better known as Leng Ho (Dragon Tiger). This card gambling game is quite famous in China and with the age of rapid digital development, now almost all online gambling lovers have seen Dragon Tiger.

Dragon Tiger is played by distributing only 1 card. You just simply place your bet on the Dragon – Tiger – Tie. There are only 3 betting options in this game but make sure you play this game on sbobet casino for a guaranteed payout when you win.

Tricks to Win Dragon Tiger With Multiples Formulas

Maybe this game looks very simple and easy because you only get 1 card and only need to bet on 2 choices. But believe me, there have been many who underestimate this game but they have lost.

I myself am a true dragon tiger player. Here I will share with you Tricks to Win Dragon Tiger with Multiples Formulas.

Playing with this formula is very easy. Because you don’t have to think and don’t have to worry about losing. What you apply is a lot of capital and patience.

Why do I say that? Yes, because you are here to play to fold your bets.

Listen carefully, bro, I will explain and give examples of how to play with the multiples formula.

Playing with multiples, you need to know that playing with multiples is 100% absolutely you win, as long as you know yourself in playing.

I am giving you an illustration, for example:

You have a capital of 1 million rupiah, start playing with multiples of 50 thousand. In essence, once you get to the table to play, don’t bet right away. Analyze the game first. Usually dragon tiger games tend to often produce the same results over and over again. For example, the first dragon results, then maybe the dragon will come out up to 5 times.

Now here’s the advantage, because the syringe results tend to be repeated, you just have to wait. For example: in the first, second, and third rounds a dragon comes out, then place your bet on tiger in the fourth round because the proportion of your winnings has become 75% because the dragon has come out 3 times. If in the fourth round the result is still dragon, then fold your bet to 100 thousand in the fifth round.

If in the sixth round you still issue a dragon, then double your bet on tiger on the sixth round to 200 thousand.

After the tiger has had it, then look at your credit. Then you have successfully won 50 thousand rupiah. And start waiting again until the dragon or tiger produces the same result 3 or 4 times.

You just need to wait here and control your emotions. Remember! Wait until the card issues the same result 3 or 4 times, then you can start your multiple bet on the opposite place.

How? Pretty interesting, right? So from now on, use this multiplication formula because surveys of various countries have proven that the proportion of winning gambling with the multiples formula is 100%.

You may be a gambler, but you must be a smart gambler. In fact, it is not impossible if you become a rich person just by gambling. So until here first, our discussion today. Good luck and good luck