Roulette Numbers Guessing Tricks

Roulette Numbers Guessing Tricks

Roulette Guessing Tricks – For live gambling players, of course, it is no stranger to hear rumors of online roulette games. Live casino games that can be played by anyone with the smallest minimum bet. for bettors.

In the game of Rouletter, there are two versions, namely the American and European versions. The only lies in the numbers on the side of the wheel.

The American version has 38 numbers, from 0-36, but the 0 in this version has 2 values on the side of the wheel. The European version only has 37 numbers, namely 0-37.

The number roulette game is the total number of numbers on the side of the wheel itself. The only difference between the two is the number 0 on each machine. You still have to guess and choose one of the 36 numbers available to come out as a winner.

The problem is how to guess 1 out of 36 numbers including 0 available on the spinning wheel machine. So here we will discuss how to win easy roulette and the formulas commonly used by roulette players. See the following:

Tips for Guessing Roulette Numbers

Tips for Guessing Roulette Numbers

Viewing Previous Game History
Before placing a bet on a roulette game, you can first confirm the history of the previous game. Even though the 37 numbers are not sure where they will fall, usually in 4 rounds the numbers that appear the ratio is around 70% the same.
Betting Color and Odd Even at the same time
You certainly don’t want an impactful loss even if it’s small, logically online roulette players are usually required to make double bets, namely playing colors and odd-even in one round. This is sure to minimize losses from each of your bets.
Double Each Bet
You can also do the third way, by increasing the nominal bet on a bet can make you more profitable. For example in the first round the value of the bet placed is 50 thousand for the red color, if the bet placed wins in the next round you have to increase the bet value to 100 thousand. This can be sure the method a little long time to be a hill.

Formulas in Playing Roulette

In the online roulette game, there are also two formulas that are believed until now to guess where the iron ball will fall on the side of the spinning wheel.

Martiangle formula
Is a mathematical formula for guessing numbers in roulette games, usually this formula is used by real roulette players. This formula is very popular, because it can be applied easily.

The way this formula works teaches us as roulette players to double the value of the bet in each subsequent round. Repeat this formula continuously until you feel satisfied.

This Martiangle Formula work style can be applied to bets of black or red, even or odd, small (1-18) or large (19-36).

Fibonacci formula
This is another alternative formula that can be applied to online roulette games. The way this formula works can be said to reduce the risk of losing but has great potential in terms of winning.

The application of this formula is intended so that you can do two more number bets to hit the next number. For example on a black bet you lose four times in a row 200 thousand, 300 thousand and 400 thousand, then on the next bet you have to bet 500 thousand in order to get a small profit while covering that defeat.

From the written theory, it is indeed very difficult and looks quite complicated, but simply if you apply the formula patterns and tricks to guess the roulette numbers correctly, you will understand it immediately. If you want to try can play at this site .

So in this article review you have to really study it well and carefully. If you have understood the ways and techniques to win roulette, surely you as a gambling lover will feel an extraordinary sensation.

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